Breed standards


PURPOSE: escort dog

Group 5 (Spitz and primitive dog breeds)
Section 5 (Asian Spitz and related breeds)

General appearance: large, very neat dog of strong physique, very concise, exhibiting pronounced secondary sexual markings, simple, very noble and prideful, well-built.

Important ratios: the ratio of height at the withers to body length is 10:11; the body of a bitch can be somewhat longer than that of a male.
Behavior and temperament: calm, loyal, obedient, intelligent.

Head: The skull is in propotion to the rest the body; forehead is wide with a pronounced stop and a clear frontal furrow, but without wrinkles. Cheeks are moderately developed; straight nasal ridge, the nose is large and black.

In white dogs, a flesh-colored nose is allowed. Muzzle is of moderate length, broad at the root and tapering towards the apex, but never pointed. Strong teeth form a scissor-like bite. The lips fit snugly.

Eyes: Quite small, almost triangular, set on moderate distance. Dark brown, the darker the better.

Ears: Quite small, thick, triangular with slightly rounded tips, set at a moderate distance, set upright and tilted forward.

Neck: Thick and muscular, without folds, in proportion to the head.

Torso: the back is straight and strong, loins broad and muscular. The chest is deep and well developed. Ribs are well arched. The belly is quite indented.

Tail: Highly set, thick, firmly bent over the back. The tip is lowered and it reaches almost to the ankles.

Front legs: Shoulders well developed and moderately sloping; front legs are straight with heavy bones. The elbows are set close to the body.

Hind legs: Well developed, strong and moderately angular.

Feet: Thick, round, well enclosed, moderately arched.

Gait: flexible, strong and determined manner of movement.


PROPERTIES: upper coat is stiff and straight, undercoat soft and thick; on the ridge and paws it is somewhat longer. The fur is the longest on the tail.

COLOR: red, sesame, brindle and white.

All listed colors except white must express “urajiro”.

(URAJIRO = whitish hair laterally on the muzzle, cheeks, on the throat below the muzzle, chest and abdomen, on the underside of the tail and on the inner parts of the limbs.)

Size: Height at withers: males 67 cm, females 61 cm.

Deviation of +/- 3 cm is allowed.

Errors: any deviation from the stated points should be considered an error, and the precision with which it is valued should be in the exact proportion of the degree of deviation: cowardice, over-bite or under-bite, spots on the tongue, masculine bitches or feminized males, bright irises, lack of teeth, short tail.

Disqualifying errors: aggression or excessive timidity, any dog ​​showing signs of physical abnormalities or abnormalities of character, ears which are not upright, tail set too low, long hair (shaggy), black mask, markings on white background

N.B. Males must have two visible healthy testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

Only functional and clinically healthy dogs with a breed-typical appearance should be used for breeding.

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